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Knit Sweater for Dog & Crochet Dog Toy

Making a knit sweater was the perfect solution to the problem of a chilly house for my dog. I had tried to purchase a dog sweater, but they never really fit Duffy and were usually not very stretchy or forgiving. I decided I needed to make one myself. I wanted to knit the sweater so I could practice my cable stitches. When I finished the sweater, I made a crochet dog toy for him as well with the leftover yarn.

Crafting the Perfect Knit Sweater

I looked online and through my pattern books and back issues of Knitter's magazine, seeking the perfect sweater that would not only provide warmth but had a cable design. After careful consideration, I selected “Rover Cover” by Linda Cyr in Knitter's Magazine 63, Summer 2001.

I chose a high-quality, washable wool yarn, Plymouth Encore Worsted in grey, to ensure both comfort and ease of care. This decision not only kept Duffy warm but also made the sweater easy to wash. I used the pattern as written and as it was being knitted, I was able to try it on him to check how it was going.

I loved how it fit but if I made it again, I would increase the length of the sweater above the legs (chest & neck), make a smaller neck opening, and make the neck ribbing longer to be folded as a sort of turtleneck. However, for a non-modified pattern, it fit him very well and he found it comfortable to wear.

Crafting a Fun Toy

With leftover yarn from the sweater project, I decided to crochet an easy toy—a plush ball for Duffy. He was getting older and he needed a soft toy to play with. I crocheted in rounds and increased to get a ball shape, then decreased near the top, stuffing the ball with soft polyfill before closing up the toy. After running the yarn ends in, I had a perfect toy for Duffy.

Duffy took to both the sweater and the ball with enthusiasm. Duffy loved these so much that when he got cancer and died, I kept these as mementos, along with his collar with his ashes to remember him. What a great dog and fun project!

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