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Sewed 6 Dresses in 6 Days: Modifying Dress Patterns

I had to get ready for my first FCCLA National Leadership Conference. This was my first year to have students compete in FCCLA at all, and two of them qualified for Nationals. One dropped out, but the other wanted to compete. I also have a state officer this upcoming school year, and they ask state officers to attend NLC before their year begins for training.

The dress code says advisers must wear “professional dress,” but I wear business casual at best in my work and home life. So, I thought at least I could sew dresses because I will never be wearing a suit. I had to sew at least 4 dresses and I had 6 days to complete them.

I had enough of the right fabrics in my stash but I went out and bought new patterns because I don't own many dress patterns and none of them were right for the look I wanted. Atlanta, Georgia, is hot and humid so I wanted a basic A-line or trapeze dress for comfort. No belts! I added scarves from the Dollar Tree to dress up the dresses even more, while not getting too hot.

The first two dresses did not turn out well, but that was OK by me since they were muslins. But I love the fabrics so I will work on altering them to function better for me.

First trial on a pattern. I hated the neck detail and felt it did not sew together well. It's a lightweight linen look fabric. On to a different pattern!
Second dress, first try on the pattern I used for all others. Love the fabric and the color, but the darts were wrong for my body. I think it's a rayon blend twill.
Dress in knit and I added a sleeve pleat detail. This was one of my 2 favorite dresses that I made!
Dress in wonderful rayon, again with sleeve pleat detail. This is such a comfortable dress.
Lovely rayon blend crepe in navy. Love the drape and swing of this dress. Due to the very dark navy and the crepe fabric, this one doesn't photograph very well.
And a rayon linen look that is nice and heavy. This one has a great sheen in person.

Having these dresses in Atlanta was a life-saver. It was so terribly hot and humid! It's a fabulous city and I enjoyed my visit – it was my second visit to Atlanta.

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