Best Sewing Blogs for Over 50

Let’s talk about the best sewing blogs for over 50 (women). I love to look at other sewing blogs for inspiration. There are so many creative women in the world! For a fabulous woman over 50 who is passionate about creating a wearable wardrobe, these blogs offer everything from sewing tutorials to patterns that cater to a more sophisticated and sometimes curvy figure. Have you enjoyed a great sewing blog that I don’t have listed here? Please leave a comment so I can check it out!

Woman sewing fabric on a sewing machine

Anita by Design

Anita’s clothes are beautifully fitted and she also teaches sewing. She has a lovely sense of style and uses beautiful fabrics. One helpful aspect of her pattern reviews is that she describes what level of sewing skill she thinks a person needs to be successful making the garment.

Curvy Sewing Collective

A fantastic resource for women who want patterns that fit curvy body shapes of all sizes, the Curvy Sewing Collective offers an inclusive approach to sewing. It's a community-driven site featuring a plethora of sewing tutorials, tips for pattern adjustments, and reviews.

Sew Paradise

Sew Paradise is a beautiful blog to look at as well as having exceptional content. I identified with her post “Sewing for the Life You Have Now” as I worked from home all last year and how I’m in an office every weekday. I have found it challenging, especially with closet space of a foot at best!

Janine Sews

In addition to posts about her sewing projects on Janine Sews, she has a great free worksheet for setting 2024 sewing goals. I printed out the sheet with a cat design-it’s so cute and also useful.

SunnyGal Studio

SunnyGal Studio is a blog with a variety of projects and ideas by a custom dressmaker. Her projects have lovely color and she has one project idea I would love to try. She takes a cashmere sweater from a thrift store and creates a top out of it.

Tasha Could Make That

Tasha Could Make That is a fun, vintage style blog for sewing, knitting, and crafts. She uses color creatively.

Dream Cut Sew

Dream Cut Sew has some stylish projects and great writing. Her outfits are nicely styled. I love the look of her wide leg jeans and I'm going to try making something similar.

Sew Busty

Sew Busty is not specifically aimed at the over 50 crowd, however, it’s a wonderful resource for fitting a full bust. The site has information on sewing bras but also a great guide on full bust adjustments.

Diary of a Sewing Fanatic

Diary of a Sewing Fanatic hasn’t been updated much lately, however, it’s still one of my favorites. She has sewn a lot of patterns and her sense of style is unique and fun to follow. And Carolyn is a big reader!

Sew Over 50

Sew Over 50 is not exactly a blog but a movement on Instagram, highlighting the work of sewists over 50 from around the world. It’s a source of inspiration and a testament to the creativity and skills of older women.

What do you think? Which of your favorite blogs did I miss? I’d love to know!

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