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Unsuccessful Yarn Projects

I like to try new patterns, new stitches, and play with unfamiliar yarn. But, it doesn't always work out in the way I envision when I start. I'm going to use this post to keep track of projects that didn't meet my expectations and were discarded or reused.


  • Verdict:  too big, too heavy in this yarn
  • Result:  tossed it out as I was sick of looking at it!
  • Pro:  really pretty stitch pattern.
Image of a lilac colored sweater laying flat on a table


  • Verdict:  interesting shape but NOT flattering for me
  • Pros:  love the yarn.  I dyed it years ago with KoolAid (wool yarn). Ripped it out and reused it in another project.
Geometric shaped small yellow orange and red shawl laying flat on the floor.

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